Steampunk Meetups in Harper Texas! 

Steampunk is an art, literary and fashion movement, think: Victorian era Science Fiction! Come find out what that means! At our little steampunk meetup we will explore costuming, Texas steampunk events, share our favorite genre authors and movies and do lots of hands on DIY projects, come have a cup of tea and join us!

Seattle Steamrats on an outing!We will meet regularly the 3rd Saturday of the month from 1 pm to 4 pm, there will be different projects or topics each month starting with a general “What is Steampunk” discussion for the first few meetups. Come learn, do, explore and find out that Life is just a grand adventure!

We are meeting at Lucky Day Hats in Harper Tx the address is 1329 So RR783 (also called the Harper road) just a mile and a half from 290. for more information call 830-324-4287

Feeling the Holiday Spirit! 

Here are a few of the holiday hats we have this year- and take the fancies off and you have a nice black felt hat to wear all year!

Merry Christmas to all our fans, and lovers of Hats everywhere! Looking forward to a fun and busy new year!xmas hats


Hat of the Week! 

The hat of the week is a colorful mini tricorne in honor of SteampunkNovember! Ive got a stack of new top hats and even a new batch of tricornes and mini riding hats! come find me at Steampunk November or at the Frenchy and the punk show at the elysium in Austin tomorrow(November 7th)! we will have hats for sale at both events!

The hat of the week is a colorful mini tricorne in honor of SteampunkNovember! Ive got a stack of new top hats and even a new batch of tricornes and mini riding hats! come find me at Steampunk November or at the Frenchy and the punk show at the elysium in Austin tomorrow!

Featured Hat of the week! 


I am going to start featuring a hat of the week!

This weeks hat is a Toille Black and white wide crown Ladies’ Top hat with a hand crafted felt bird. It sports a wider trapunto stitched brim.

Fully Lined.

This hat is a one of a kind hat and is size 7- 7 1/8″ or hits a head circumference of approx 22 3/8″
This hat is available for purchase for 110$   if interested please email us!
























Busy Festival Summer! 

We have been busy this summer with First the Kerrville folk festival, then A sci-fi fantasy convention here in Austin, Armadillocon. Last weekend for Labor day we were back in Kerrville for the Wine and Music festival, and we are on a roll, so coming up is Utopiafest, in Utopia, TX on the last weekend in September, Artoutside just north of Austin in October and then in November its Showdown at Unobtainium, Tesla vs Edison! a steampunk adventure weekend!
Here are a few photos from the last Kerrville! Thanks for a great summer!

Spring Inspiration! 

Ive been busy the last few days dreaming up a batch of new hats! We are in Texas now, so summer hats really are looking like a big priority so Ive been inspired! In the last 3 days I have made 3 hats: an antique lace Garden party Hat, a big cowboy style hat Im calling the gunslinger, really kindof a clint eastwood sorta hat. And lastly I made a traditional victorian French Foreign Legion hat! I may make the Legionaire hat in a bit less of a victorian attitude, but then again maybe not! adventurer gentlemen of the day dreamed of the romantic taking off and saving the world!

Barter for Hats? Why not? 

I recently saw an ad on craigslist for someone who sews and likes sushi for a trade, pants for sushi! Being a curious being, i responded of course!  The pants were owned by a raver girl who bought 6 or 8 pairs of tripp brand pants some time ago but now they are all wearing out!  For those of you who don’t know them, they are super loose pants usually covered with Drings and zippers and all sorts of jangly bits, but she wanted them plain. OK no problem, and we came up with an arrangement, how much sushi equals a pair of pants?   She was very happy, as was I.  After she dropped off the sushi and picked up her pants, she sent me a text, it said, “Oh man, I’m so happy with these pants! I have never worn anything more comfortable!!! You are truly an artist.”

this was the pocket design for the sushipants

Wow! High praise. So its got me thinking, with the way the world is going, I would like to open Lucky Day Hats, and our sister site Bad Dog Hats, open to bartering! If you have something I could use, swing the idea by me and I am definately willing to entertain the idea! Of course sushi by mail would be a problem, so maybe there are other alternatives, maybe you work for a fabric company, or have a big bundle of vintage fabrics that i could use. (cool old curtains or bedspread?)

some items I may be willing to barter for:

foodstuffs, freezedried meals, meat and veggie
cocoanut oil
essential oils
vitamins/supplements, new and within best by dates
diatomaceous earth, food grade
soaps, preferrably artisan made and not mass produced
Towels and sheets, used ok if in good condition and fun colors, but will trade for thriftstore value
prepaid gas cards
gold, silver and other commodities
office supplies, 8 1/2 x 11 paper by the ream or case
sticker paper 8 1/2 x 11

Wish list:
rain barrel
solar or wind generator
garden seeds, non GMO, and heirloom
garden tools, implements
grain mill, hand
water filters, PUR, and hand pump

Books and movies:
DVDs, we like fantasy scifi best, but might be open to other interesting things, bio pics, documentaries
books: would like to read 1984, atlas schrugged, other good classics, and modern esp. steampunk fiction.

Do you have any other good ideas of something you want to trade? Ask!

Seattle Steam Rats Have an outing on the train! 

Seattle Steamrats on an outing!

July 11th, 2011 the Seattle Steampunk society group met in Snoqualmie WA, at the Northwest Railway Museum. From there we took a 75 minute steam train ride while all dressed in our Steampunk best. I observed that there were several Lucky Day Hats customers in attendance, and I thought you might like to see some of my customers in their natural habitat!

Three hats, Your Lucky Day Hats Designer in burgundy, Maxine in newsboy, and friend Beth in turquoise.

Dawn and Phil, a little green hat for her, and a custom bronze brocade vest for him!

James Carrott in a fne tall hat with buttons

Wedding Bowlers and Top Hats for Ladies by Lucky Day Hats 

Getting ready for a fall or winter wedding? Why not make an imression with an unusual approach to wedding headwear? Sure Mini Hats for Bridesmades, but how about a Cream Brocade Bowler with a big pouf of tulle off the back for a veil? Or a Cream Brocade full size Top Hat? We can use a bit of scraps of fabric and lace from your custom dress and make a one of a kind hat to match your dress! We can also make mini top hats in your colors for your bridesmaids, or for bridesmaid gifts! Weve got lots of Ideas and would love to brainstom with you how we can make your wedding special and fun, and have a gorgeous Hat that will last for years after!

Call us or drop us an email with some ideas, and lets get started! You will find our custom pricing to be budget friendly.

Today is your Lucky Day!

Hat Etiquette 

Hats are a sure-fire way to boost your confidence. A cool hat can quickly become your signature piece and give you extra swagger. Emily Post is quoted as saying, in 1959, “It is impossible for a hatless woman to be chic.” Hats are both stylish and functional. They keep your head warm, distract from a bad hair day, and can shade your eyes from the sun. Hats can give you a touch of class and sophistication, impart personality and add an interesting and unique access to your outfits.

In adopting the hat as your signature piece, you must also accept the responsibility of hat etiquette. Often ignored, hat etiquette will show that your uniqueness extends not only to your choice of headwear, but your manners as well.

For men, remember the following:

First, promptly remove your hat upon entering an elevator, restaurant or someone’s home. And never wear your had during a meal. Also, when greeting a friend, touch the brim of your hat lightly. When meeting a female in public raise the hat by the crown. During the national anthem, remove your hat and place it over your heart.

In Post’s “Etiquette: The Blue Book of Social Usage” from 1959, she wrote that men tip or lift their hat only to strangers, not to friends, although a man would lift the hat if he encountered his wife. A hat also is tipped to a woman when passing in a narrow space or when the man speaks to her. If a man runs into a female acquaintance, he must take his hat off when talking to her, but can put it back on if they start walking.

Ladies, however, keep their hats on indoors, everywhere except their own houses. If it’s a formal hat, even during the National Anthem, a woman would not remove her hat.

What if the woman and man are both wearing baseball caps? Does it make sense that only the man takes off his headgear during the National Anthem? Probably not, Miss Manners suggests. Without the traditional ladies’ hat, she wrote, “you cannot claim the ladies’ exemption.”

Miss Manners recognizes that some rules vary peculiarly. It is acceptable for Christian women to wear hats in church, but disrespectful for men to wear them. Not so with Conservative or Orthodox Jews, who would find it disrespectful for men not to cover their heads with a yarmulke when in a synagogue.

Hat etiquette is neither confusing nor irritating. Simple consideration for others and respect for all is expected at all times. Hats are another reason to observe proper etiquette. So when deciding to wear a hat to compliment an outfit or distract from a bad hair day, wear it with pride and respect those around you.

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