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Lucky Day Hats Frequently Asked Questions


Order Processing

Under normal circumstances, all orders ship out within 24-48 hours.

Orders placed after noon on Friday will be shipped out the following Monday

Due to large order volumes, weather conditions or circumstances beyond our control, we will ship your order out as soon as possible.

Payment  Processing

Payments for orders placed via our online store are processed through PayPal. If you would like to make other payment arrangements such as a paying by personal check or to pay with a credit card via the phone free to contact us at or call us at 830-342-4287(HATS)
Our customer service hours are Monday through Friday 8:00AM PST to 5:00PM PST and Saturday 9:00AM PST to 4:00PM PST

We are also open to bartering:


Orders with standard shipping are sent via USPS first class mail, orders with priority shipping are sent via USPS priority mail. If your order requires an alternate method such as UPS or FedEx please contact our customer service department at 512-903-6105 so that we can ensure the item is in stock and make arrangements for your shipping choice. International orders are shipped first class mail.

100% Money Back Guarantee

At Lucky Day Hats our customers come first, all purchases made come with our 100%  Money Back Guarantee. This 30-Day Guarantee gives you plenty of time to check items for color, quality, and size for yourself, family and friends. If for any reason you need to return or exchange an item, just contact our customer service department at and you’re done!

Returned items are subject to a restocking fee of 3$ per item and the return shipping cost.


Wholesale Orders

If you are interested in placing a wholesale order or if you would like to carry Lucky Day Hats in your store please contact our sales and marketing department by email at or by phone at 830-342-4287(HATS)

Sizing chart and How to pick the right size
hat size chart
To find your size measure around your head with a soft measuring tape around the widest part of your head, you might need help with this.

Stains on your Lucky Day Cut and Sew Hat

Many of our cut and sew hats such as the newsboy caps are Machine washable, including all our fleece hats. Our other fabric cut-and-sew hats like the non-fleece newsboys and aviators should be taken to the dry cleaners or you can hand-wash them in cold water. It is important to let all cut-and-sew hats air dry. Drying your chapeaux in the dryer could shrink them, wrinkle the fabric near the seams, or fade the brilliant colors over time.

How to care for Mini burlesque style Top Hats

When you are not wearing these charming smaller than full sized top hats, it may be useful to pack the crown with a bit of tissue paper or a plastic bag or two. If traveling with your mini Top hat finding a box for it will give you the best result.

 How to care for your Lucky Day Hats Top hat or Bowler

Handle your Top Hat or bowler by the brim only.

Do not put on the hat by pressing down on the top with your hands, nor should you handle the top hat by the front like you would a fedora. A top hat is not a fedora.

If you do not have a hat stand, place the Top hat top down on a flat surface, and don’t stack stuff on top or inside. Place your bowler on it brim side, right side up, not top side down but as with the top hats, dont stack stuff on top.

If bent out of shape, the wire in the brim of your top hat or bowler can be re-bent into shape.

You must protect your top hats and bowlers from being crushed, repeated crushing can create permanent dents and wrinkles that are very difficult to remove. Take care of you hats and they will take care of you.

Upkeep  Of Your Lucky Day Hats Top Hat

If your Top hat begins to get dents in the side (from pushing down on the top, or handling the front like it is a fedora) use a regular steam iron and shoot some steam into the crown of the hat, aiming at the sides, and pack the crown with wads of newspaper or plastic bags and let the hat rest for a while or overnight. After resting remove the paper and the crown should be straight again.

To help protect your hat from the elements, you can lightly spray your Top hat with Scotch guard or another water resistance fabric treatment. As they come our top hats can stand a light wetting, but in a full rain, it is best to leave your top hat at home.

How To Store Your Luck Day Hat

A hat box is a wise investment. It only takes a few moments of your time to pack up your hat, but this will ensure a lifetime of wear. You can even stack hats with similar crowns on top of each other to maximize your storage space. However, if your chapeau is in season and you know you’ll be wearing it frequently, you can hang it on a hook or coat rack for safekeeping and easy access. If you can’t even find the time to acquire a hat box, you can at least stuff the crown with paper and store the hat in a bag to protect it from the elements.

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